A message from Anonymous
i want you to watch fma brotherhood so you can draw some beautiful fan art for it. haha you're my favorite artist on tumblr. hope you have a great week!! (:

i would also like to watch it, but if you’ve been following me a while you’ve probably heard me bemoan my complete inability to sit still long enough to watch anything, even a movie, so it’s just another thing on my long list of to-watch. i have read the manga (it’s not my favorite but i liked it ok), i did surreptitiously draw a tiny ed at work a long long time ago 

and thank you very much, i hope you do too!

A message from lalitheferret
1) You have a thing about future/space sex? I liked. 2) How do you do anatomy?? *--* I'm in love

future space sex where on earth did you get that idea

2 reference and practice, there’s some more specific tips in my art ask tag 

thank you very much~ :>