A message from Anonymous
hi, i just wanted to say that i recently followed you after seeing your stuff come up on my dash. your work is so flowy and gentle and has really inspired me to try drawing seriously again. thank you so much for sharing your work.

aw wow thankyou anon, it makes me happy to feel like what seems like a really self absorbed obsession to me sometimes can have useful positive effects on other people uvu~!

also i dont think anyone has ever called my work gentle before, ahh~~ :>

A message from sixteen-bit
Will you consider selling prints of your track drawings in the future? Love them!

maybe, ive been thinking about trying inprnt. i was afraid of their approval process since a lot of what i do doesnt seem really like.. idk, the sort of thing youd hang on your wall, but they tweeted at me and that made me X3 for some reason

A message from Anonymous
what's your nsfw blog? is it secret?

nope, but i mean its just a place i reblog dirty stuff to

A message from lalitheferret
1) You have a thing about future/space sex? I liked. 2) How do you do anatomy?? *--* I'm in love

future space sex where on earth did you get that idea

2 reference and practice, there’s some more specific tips in my art ask tag 

thank you very much~ :>